Cadence is a labour of love for all involved.

An idea that began over coffee, and evolved into a short. It then became an award-winning feature at VIFF 2016. Made locally in BC.


From VIFF: "(Cadence) a unique psychological thriller dealing with notions of self-identity. When the eponymous Cadence begins to experience hallucinations during a romantic getaway with her pop-star boyfriend, fear and confusion test her ability to distinguish reality from the nightmare unfolding before her. Cadence is a thoroughly entertaining rumination on memory, trauma, and the psyche’s efforts to protect itself."


As the lead producer of the team, it was my role to supervise all team members, assign tasks, find and provide financing, budget, schedule, hire the right people, fill out all necessary paperwork & find distribution.


I was also the lead social media and crowdfunding strategist behind the Indiegogo and #mustseeBC social media campaigns. 

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What I learned: 


— It’s important to set realistic deadlines, especially in passion projects.

— Perfected my pitch.
— Negotiation and networking are necessary (and fun!).

— Don’t be afraid to ask for anything–even if it’s outrageous.

— It’s all about location. It’s about being creative with your limitations.

— Sometimes you have to put in money or time. It's important to know your personal limitations.

— It’s important to care and oversee those who work with you. For example, when people complained about the coffee on-set the very next day I returned it and purchased a better brand. Good coffee makes for a happy crew.

— A good producer is a good mediator and conflict manager. 

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#mustseeBC Award 2016


Named the "most anticipated film from British Columbia", Cadence entered into the Vancouver International Film Festival with the public announcement of our victory at the festival's Opening Gala.


Combining social media marketing tactics, email and daily hustling, together with the dedication of our fans, followers and networks; we received a significant majority of the votes above 9 other films by prestigious B.C. based filmmakers.


A 3-week competition that not only provided as an award winning film, but helped us sell out each of the three local screenings at the festival. Cadence opened on October 3rd at 9pm on Vancouver's iconic The RIO Theatre to a sold-out audience of 400 people, and it's on its way to touring more festivals in North America.



Nicolas Ayerbe Barona

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