Penny Lane is an iOS running and balancing game, whose character is a one

cent “lucky” penny with the ability to roll and collect other coins. By tilting the device

side to side you can control the balance of the Lucky Penny to avoid obstacles.


Roll the Lucky Penny into Lisa’s magical dreamland and find more coins to help her get more candy. The Lucky Penny must balance itself and jump through crazy traps and obstacles in this wacky and wondrous world. With the power of other coins, the Lucky Penny will grow and split into smaller coins to pass different obstacles. Compelled to fulfill her fantasy, this Lucky Penny must never stop and never fall down.






I played the role of project manager during the development of the game Penny Lane guiding a team of designers through the use of agile methodologies like scrum, sprintboards, and rapid prototyping.


I was also the lead documentarian, taking meeting notes, and drafting the game design document.


The result was a great vertical slice of the game, which works as a prototype for further development of the game.





Nicolas Ayerbe Barona

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